Social Impact

The very essence of GLOgames was formed through the mission of making a social impact. With it’s co-founders Ruston Seaman and Robert Zaytoun's drive to light the world through their involvement with New Vision Renewable Energy, a 501 c3 non-profit based in Philippi WV; GLOgames conception came from helping a local school teacher in the Dominican Republic, light up the only recreational place available to students. This recreational space was non other than a basketball hoop. With ingenuity and creativity, having the light be place on the hoop became what is now our "Light It Up" LED Basketball Rim Light. Because keeping the integrity of our why is important to us, we at GLOgames our committed to partnering with organizations and businesses to bring about a social good to neighborhoods both local and abroad. Check out our latest play drawn up for our campaign “Home Court Advantage” with our partnership with Crouch Recreation.


Previous Social Impact Campaigns