Light The World

Glo Games was formed from the solution to a problem found by its founders while doing mission work in the Dominican Republic, so at the very core of who we are, is mission work. Since our founders were members of New Vision Renewable Energy, a non-profit organization based in Barbour County, WV, partnering with New Vision to create a social venture was a natural fit and a portion of Glo Games profits goes toward mission ventures of New Vision.  New Vision’sBe A Light” campaign is centered on providing solar powered led lights to the over 1.2 billion people in our world today who do not have a viable source of healthy lighting. In its mission New Vision is imploring creative ways of re-purposing products such as political signs in its building of solar light kits. With over 4400 solar light kits in 40 countries New Vision is lighting the world One Family and One Home at a time. Together we have supplied solar powered lights, and constructed and lit up basketball courts in Kenya, in Puerto Rico, in Honduras, and Emergency youth centers in WV.  

Lighting Rims and Lighting Homes

Eaglerise Girls School in Kisingo, Kenya, West Africa

JJ Barea Foundation
San Juan, Puerto Rico

4th Graders of Philippi, WV making LED Ray of Life solar lights

Village of Ferrier, Haiti

Durado, Puerto Rico